Mirror Me

Who can resist the catching a glance of your own reflection when you pass a mirror. Your guests won’t be able to resist the lure of their own reflection in this unique Mirror. Your guests won’t need selfie sticks to capture their images. Simply pose in the mirror and Mirror Me does all the work. MirrorMe directs your guests to start their photo session. After compliments and instructions from the Mirror the glamour shots begin.  Your guests will not be able to resist the lure of the photo mirror.


You decide how many photos your guests take per session. You also customize the print – you pick the size and logo, text or monogram. Your guests can strike a pose and even sign their photo on screen

before it prints. At the kiosk party-goers add filters and other social media tags to the photos before printing. You can decide how many to print as well. Our high speed printer can deliver over 200 photos per hour.



With the social media sharing station package they can email or text the photos to themselves, or post immediately online to their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. People will know immediately that your party is the place to be!